5 Secrets to Increase Hair Growth

Do your father, brother, uncle, grandpa and other relatives balding? Are you scared of getting bald or thinning at the hair? Does your forehead look bigger than normal? If you are, then you are at risk of getting bald. 

Getting bald is generally not a good thing to have. Generally, non-bald people tend to be attracted to the opposite sex than bald people. Baldness is also a sign of losing your masculinity and sex drive. Hence, it is best to avoid being bald. But, here are 5 secret ways to stop you getting bald, but also increasing your hair growth!
1. Exercise at least half an hour a day
Exercise, in general, will boost your hair growth. This is because when you exercise, you increase general blood circulation all over your body. Hair, in general, requires very good blood circulation. If it doesn't than hair tissue tends to die off and then you have to think of the hair or even baldness.
5 Secrets to Increase Hair Growth

Running is the best thing to make your hair grow faster and better because it will pump blood to your head much better than any exercise!
2. Massage your head
Massaging your head increases hair growth dramatically. This is because massaging stimulates hair growth and also increases the circulation to your hair. Hair requires constant nutrition to stay healthy and strong. When you massage your head, you increase the nutrition to your hair by increasing circulation from your head. It will also stimulate growth because the roots of your hair are being stimulated.
3. Drink green tea

5 Secrets to Increase Hair Growth

Drinking green tea will help to grow more thick hair. This is because green tea contains anti-oxidants which help reduce aging and tissue damage. It will protect your hair from getting broken off from the roots of your hair and also increases the strength of your hair.
4. Avoid wearing hats
People who wear hats tend to get bald when they grow older. This is because you are damaging your hair when you wear a hat. When wearing a hat, you are putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your hair roots. Avoid this at all cost by avoiding wearing hats.
5. Soak your head in warm water
Soaking your head in warm water for 5 minutes a day will help promote growth. This is because warm water acts as a muscle relaxant in the skull. When the muscles in your head get tense, it stunts hair growth. So simple soaking your head in warm water will help relax your head muscles and promote growth!

Stay Healthier! Stay Motivated! 
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