Meditation for a Fit Body and Mind | Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation for a Fit Body and Mind

Every day at the same time, you fill your bag with workout gear, hit the gym and perform a productive workout, come home to down to post-workout shake, and top it off with a nutritious meal in the evening. Your training and diet are in check and you’re getting plenty of much-needed rest at night to repair your muscles. Is there something else you can do to push yourself closer to your peak? Are you really optimizing your relaxation efforts? Follow in the footsteps of bodybuilding legends like Frank Zane and include some daily meditation to your routine. You’ll be rewarded with enhanced concentration, a relaxed body, and the ability to clearly see the goals in front of you.


Meditation is deeply personal and is about discovering what works best for you. Start out by finding a quiet location where you’ll be free from distraction. Concentrate on a repeated sound like your own breath. Close your eyes and sit comfortably. You don’t need to be in full lotus position to meditate effectively. Count to yourself as you breathe deeply in an out, concentrating solely on your breaths until you reach 10. It’s like performing a set of dumbbell curls for your mind. After 10, start over with another set and ease into the meditative state.


Daily meditation can have a tremendously positive effect on your body. Improve your capacity to truly relax and you’ll create a machine that is more efficient. A slowed heart rate, reduced blood pressure, reduced the need for oxygen; all are positive physiological effects that meditation can bring you. Your stress levels will go down, improving your hormone composition and creating a relaxed medium for muscle the growth. Effective meditation for 20 minutes can be as powerful physiologically as a full hour’s sleep.


A meditation regimen can have profound changes in your entire life. You’ll learn to lessen the power that negative thoughts may hold over you. You’ll be able to clearly visualize your goals and improve your general outlook. Meditation is about rejecting what isn’t necessary and clearing the mind. Improving your clarity and efficiency in your training is a worthy pursuit.


Arnold and other pros talk a lot about the importance of the mind-muscle connection. This is perhaps the most difficult part of training for beginners. Just go in, lift weights, and eat. Of course, that formula works phenomenally to build muscle and strength, but by improving your mind-muscle connection, you’ll really take your physique to the next level. Meditation’s powers of concentration will train your mind to “enter the zone” during your training. Focus deeply on the targeted muscle and feel it lifting the weight. Breathe calmly and harness your stored energy. Turn into an organic machine and drive your body through your set with the power of your mind.

Don’t neglect the power of the mind when building your body. Let meditation be another tool in your kit to great health and well-being.
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