Yoga and Health

Health is balance and disease is imbalance caused by blockages.

Yoga and Health

The body that is not handled in a balanced way eventually becomes blocked. The lack of adequate movements causes poor blood circulation, respiration becomes inadequate and the cardio-vascular system ends up being affected. Do not just walk. The body needs a series of moves that, taken together, will promote good irrigation in the organs and glands. Unlike western gymnastics, yoga establishes a deep relationship between physical movement and mental attitude. The purpose of this is consciousness. Yoga teaches you to focus, to pay attention when we are doing something and, because of this, we can realize (awareness) our points of tension and eliminate them.

The techniques of hatha yoga aim the deep relaxation of certain muscle groups while others remain in action. You learn how many contractions of a muscle you should give to maintain the action. You learn to quantify the contraction and save energy often wasted in unnecessary tensions.

                                          Yoga and Health
The work is balanced with these two components interacting together: body and mind. You will not be doing yoga if you are not respecting these rules. Yoga is not just a physical practice. Body and mind are the same thing in the view of Yoga and need to be worked together. In this perspective, a mental block, a psychological trauma, for example, has its counterpart in the physical. Any body part will be "locked", keeping there a kind of secret. We can lock the joints, muscles, and in a deeper way, internal organs such as liver, heart, kidney etc. In the view of Yoga, the disease is a psychological barrier manifested in the physical. 

The correct action through various postures will unlock the system and make the body go back into balance. So, this balance is healthy.
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