What is the main cause of Obesity?

What is the main cause of Obesity

The obesity epidemic in America is slowly becoming out of control.

People of all ages are suffering from obesity, from older adults to young babies. The number of people in this country that suffer from being overweight or obese is at risk for multiple health problems. Heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, various forms of cancer, vision, and reproductive difficulties can all occur. So what is the cause of obesity in America?

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Obesity is defined as having excess body fat. The amount of excess body fat is what differs a person from being overweight to being obese. For this reason, scientists have come up with a scale called the body mass index (BMI). The BMI chart has weights going across the top and heights going down the side. To find what your BMI is, find your height and weight and see where they meet. Whatever number you end up with will determine if you are underweight, average weight, overweight, or obese. According to this chart, people with a BMI of 30 or more are considered obese. Those with a BMI of 40 or more are considered morbidly obese.


Due to all the complications that obesity brings about such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and all the other diseases named earlier, obesity is slowly killing people. Did you know that obesity is the second cause of preventable death? Anyone can prevent killing themselves from obesity. Out of all the adults in America, 60 million are considered obese. That’s about 36% of the population. This number is slowly growing! 9 million children and teens in the United States are overweight or obese. This disease is seriously hurting and killing most Americans.


The cause of obesity in America is more than just one. Multiple factors are causing this awful epidemic. These factors range from biological, behavioral, and cultural.


Believe it or not, obesity runs in the family. People tend to think of it as a biological or genetic thing, but it’s really just a habit, cultural thing. If one or both of the parents of a child are obese, they are going to pass along their obese habits to their children. Weight gain doesn’t come strictly from having overweight parents.

Factors that the parents take on is what makes the child obese. Children follow in their parent's footsteps. If the parents are participating in things to make them obese, the children will too. This pattern is happening more and more frequently, leading to a giant increase in the obesity numbers in America.

Fast Food

What is the main cause of Obesity

Here are a few statistics about fast food that Americans love so much. Every day, 1 in 4 Americans eats fast food. The US spends more than $110 billion on fast food compared to 3 billion in 1972. French fries are the most eaten vegetable. McDonald's represents 43% of the total United States food market. There are 31,000 McDonalds restaurants, 12,000 Burger King restaurants, and 6,500 Wendys restaurants.

These are just three of the multiple fast food restaurants bombarding our country. One last shocking statistic that is really contributing to the rise in childhood obesity is that more North America children can recognize McDonald's before they can speak. More and more people are turning to fast food because it’s cheap, quick, and convenient. While it may be all three of those things, it is slowly killing you.

Sedentary lifestyle

With all the fancy TVs, phones, computers, video games, and other technology we now have, people and kids are not living an active lifestyle. Not only are people not exercising, but they aren’t even doing small things like walking to the store, riding bikes, or any of the other activities that were done regularly when obesity wasn’t an issue.

Technology is taking over this country and is really contributing to the cause of obesity in America. Aside from living a sedentary lifestyle during their regular lives, not many people exercise.

Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause a significant increase in body weight. With the less rest, a person gets, the higher their chances of weight gain and obesity increase. By missing out on sleep, your hormones begin to change. A change in hormones can lead to an increase in appetite which will, in turn, lead to overeating. Avoid overeating by sleeping the recommended 7-9 hours each night.


The lifestyle of Americans, in general, has changed from the time obesity wasn’t prevalent to now when it’s almost only all we see. With technology, fast food, poor diet, lack of exercise, drug use, and stress Americans are becoming more and more unhealthy. America is becoming as sick as a whole. The lives we live and the changes we make daily must change before the entire country becomes obese.

Many people are starting to recognize this epidemic. Campaigns like “Let’s Move” are beginning to pop up, targeting the rise of obesity in children and adults. Live a healthy, active lifestyle to avoid becoming a part of the obesity statistic!

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